Staying Up-to-date with the Rapidly Evolving Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem (August 2022)
The question at the forefront of investors’ minds is whether the economy can achieve a so-called “soft landing” in the face of high inflation, rising interest rates, Fed rate hikes, geopolitical conflicts, and other challenges.
E-Commerce Trend Continues to Grow. Many business and demographic trends support the continued growth of e-commerce. How Can Investors Capitalize on the Growth of E-Commerce Companies? One option for investors interested in digital commerce is the Amplify Online Retail ETF (IBUY), an actively managed ETF representing a pure play in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector.
Is Blockchain a game-changer for food safety? Blockchain is increasingly viewed across the globe as a leap forward in food safety. Experts agree this is just the beginning of this movement.




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